1. 100% recycled batroom tissue: what's in it?

Do you know what your 100% recycled bathroom tissue is made of?

Don’t worry: it’s not made from recycled bathroom tissue, but rather from office paper! The paper is shredded and cleaned, and then converted into the rolls of paper that you have at home. Clever, isn’t it? Here is a good reason to put your waste paper in the recycling bin!


2. Using recycled paper: a small gesture that has a big impact

Do you recycle religiously? Do you wash your laundry in cold water? Do you use reusable grocery bags? Did you know that choosing the right paper products can also help reduce your ecological footprint?

Opting for 100% recycled products that are certified for their environmental attributes by an independent organization is the best way to ensure that you are choosing the greenest possible product. An estimated 44 million trees could be saved each year if all Canadians opted for environmentally preferable bathroom tissue, such as that made from 100% recycled fibres. That’s more than 276 times the surface area of Montreal’s Parc Mont-Royal! Making a change in the type of bathroom tissue you use is a small gesture that can have significant consequences. Think about it the next time you go shopping.


3. Does recycled tissus paper feel like sandpaper? Absolutely not!

Did you know that bathroom tissue can yield a wonderful combination of recycled fibres and softness?

Yes, it’s true! The days when choosing recycled papers meant giving up on softness are gone. Thanks to new technologies, quality and softness can now be achieved without compromising the environment. It’s the best of both worlds! You no longer have to choose between virtue and softness: you can have it all! 

Cascades has the largest private Canadian Research and Development Centre (CRD) in the pulp and paper sector. Researchers at the CRD work continuously to achieve greater softness in our products.


4. Superior quality with ATMOS technology

Cascades Tissue Group can now produce superior TAD-quality bathroom tissue, thanks to our new Voith ATMOS machine, installed at our Candiac plant in Québec, Canada.

Unique in North America, this technology consumes less energy than its TAD competitors, who mainly use virgin fibers, and emits less green house gases. Here are the highlights of this reduced ecological footprint.


Uses 50% less energy


Emits between 77% and 81% less green house gases.


Produces a tissue paper with a level of softness equivalent to premium brands products.

... All of this while offering a higher-quality product:

  • Thicker
  • Softer
  • Always environment friendly